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Solder Fume Extractor From Old Hair Dryer

Keeps my lungs from filling with solder fumes


I have made a couple of solder fume extractors using Altoids tins. You can find instructions for these on the Internet. However, I always found that I had to get the extractor very close to the soldering, and this was not always easy to do.

The other day I was clearing out my workbench, and I found an old hair dryer saved from another project. It struck me that with this, I could make something that was much easier to position close to the source of the solder fumes. 

It turned out to be very simple. I think the video explains it well. Here are the parts, materials and tools I used.


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Great Video! thanks! I'm definetely going to build something like this.

I use Soldering Flux just so the fumes look more dramatic. Also I like the smell. Okay, it seems to make the joints better too, but that's just a side effect.