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 Several of the people on this web site have built 3d printers and even a few cnc machines, what I would propose is a teaching machine thet could 3d print, do small light cnc, attach a lasor cutter, and mill or make pcb's, you complete a college or better high school level coarse, teach lasor cutting, printing, mold making, casting, electronics, software, basic manufactoring, all in one machine, it would have to be set up for each class or function, my shop class was not so good, done right in fact the same machine could do several class, and Maker space's are becoming the rage that too, the key to this would be support, training teachers, ready made instructions and pre set up designs, materials lists,[profitable]  that would make it easy to teach and make, and transferable from school to school, even high school to college use the open source stuff where you can so it translates, Fit it onto a shop table, hook a vapor particulte collection system to it so its super safe, and sell it for up to say like 20k, 5 projects or coarse studies included, every school would have to have one, then every year sell them a few new projects for some short money so it stay exciting and they want another one.

I feel there is money to be made and incredible kids that would come from this, I cannot do it hopefuly one of you guys can.


Is any body else doing this I have not heard about, college, high school, makers spaces, if it was tight and bomb proof you could sell many of these units there are over 25k public high school in just the usa some are huge.and would need several, then there is the rest of the world how many might India ir China need, the more you could make the better, you would not have to make anything bigger than an lmr robot plenty of creativity in that space

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20K is high dollar...especially for a high school. Not to mention you can get a top of the line 3D printer for that amount. Or a mid quality 3 axis CNC mill. I think for this idea to work it would have to be in the sub $5 K range.