Let's Make Robots!

Mystery Object Late Spring 2012 (update 2 with flames)

This "Fun" experimental robot idea has been haunting me for a while now......

First Test piece is "in the box" ... one of many.... (edit ....estimated 18)

...however the remaining Questions are :-

  1. What is G up too   ?
  2. What material is G using  ?
  3. How will it be deployed   ?
  4. Is it going to be worth all the work ?

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You are using silk paper and you are making a creeper from minecraft. It is worth of the work and you can use it to make a nice robot video.

I was beginning to think i was the only one who knew what a "Creeper" was.

The paper is "Flash paper" or Nitrocellulose

I have to store it wet in a tin box for safety reasons :-)

Its is "mostly" harmless and use by magicians to give a theatrical fire "burst"


Okay. It looks like silk paper, and it burned as well. Where you can get it

:) honestly mine craft got old quick for me ,

oh! that makes sense (with the second video), fire proof skin. are those explosions real? or are they like misconceptions(thinking of fan blowing off the fire [with sound effects, making it looked like an explosion]), like the ones on the anti gravity tipsy?

my explenation on why i think it's a fan instead of explosion:

the smoke coming from the fire is blown away by some kind of air, following the destruction of the whole device by means of blowing it also away with air in the same direction!

but over all, it's so cool!

The Flash paper did its job to well......

.... the intensity of the flame set fire to the underlining test "paperwork".....

.... this took me by surprise and indeed i had a minifire happening on my workbench...... wot to do.......

.... blow it out for crying out load.......

as the effect in 1000/fame per second was explosive like i included it in the vid.....

The second test on the video shows the face of the "Creeper" blowing off in spectacular fashion, this is because i filled the head with a special "Flash cotton wool" ... indeed this is much more combustive and a little goes a long way.

Confining the paper into a pot or narrow necked bottle type enclosure will produce a neat explosive plume (MuhMuhMhaaaa)

yeah, i know, the effects are cool!

at the second test, flash cotton wool.... that explains the head exploading into smitherins!

...but I want it for my birthday.  Whenever a maker can create something for the express purpose of setting it on fire/blowing it up, he has my respect.

Thanks for comments.......

Leaves me with a General Question to All :-

Would a robot prefer to collect dust on the mantelpiece over the fire........or....

.... explode like a  mythical "Phoenix" in the flames below.....?






if (playerSeen == false)
else if ((playerSeen == true) && (distanceToPlayer > attackLimit))