Let's Make Robots!

Mystery Object Late Spring 2012 (update 2 with flames)

This "Fun" experimental robot idea has been haunting me for a while now......

First Test piece is "in the box" ... one of many.... (edit ....estimated 18)

...however the remaining Questions are :-

  1. What is G up too   ?
  2. What material is G using  ?
  3. How will it be deployed   ?
  4. Is it going to be worth all the work ?

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Can you fit some Cat code in - creeper hate cats.....

This is why i always take a cat with me :-)


I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and guess that paper is made up of some very flexible kryptonite and moonrock (portal reference) and you're gonna put in on a bot to track Super Heroes to defeat and store them in Test Chambers to do some hazardous technology tests..

Your "portal" reference is very close guess (in different words) - however i never did see one of what i am trying to create on the "other side".

Thanks for your guess......

BTW :- i dont think its possible to test or even catch one of these things successfully

I wished i had a chance to delete that comment, could've though of something more punnier, using my cognitive skills.. :P Srry for wasting your time.

Is this some kind of electoluminescent paper?

Its difficult to answer this question because i guess its kind of Yes/No - i presume it could have glow properties but cant tell until tests are done....

I am guessing the material is conductive and you are making a touch sensitive skin for a robotic creation. White is your X, Green is your Y and you scan it like a keyboard.

I like your idea and i suggest you patent it before i do ...... ;-)

..however you are correct with skin idea....

You say earlier "not just any paper" and the skin idea is correct so I am guessing the paper is glassine because that would give you low friction as the skin distorts.

However what fun would that be?
It must have some special electrical or chemical property. Piezo electric perhaps?

Oh Yes Chemical direction .........