Let's Make Robots!

Mystery Object Late Spring 2012 (update 2 with flames)

This "Fun" experimental robot idea has been haunting me for a while now......

First Test piece is "in the box" ... one of many.... (edit ....estimated 18)

...however the remaining Questions are :-

  1. What is G up too   ?
  2. What material is G using  ?
  3. How will it be deployed   ?
  4. Is it going to be worth all the work ?

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it's a fero-poly-mimic alloy that can transform into a robot and save the world from the upcoming zombie domination on the 23rd of december, 2012!


.... your guess is very close .... closer than you think..... cool guess... you will kick yourself .....

It's a blanket to keep you warm. No it's not worth it, you make it too small. And the material? "blanket making material"

Quilting is not my "forte"  especially when i have made only 1 panel from an estimated 17 ......

...an ultra-flamable pot holder for two year old cooks?

Very good Guess.... :-)


No idea what for though:)

Paper is correct...... however not just any paper :-)