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Adsumoto - MiniSumo Robot

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This is my first robot. 

It's a minisumo robot but as you can see it's more than 10cm long. But when the combat starts it fits into the 10x10 square by lifting the front scop. 

It also has a LCD screen which allows me to see the readings of the sensors, test some moves, change the speed of the robot, select different strategies... I think it's very useful.

On the 27 April I went to his first championship on Robolid 2012 in Valladolid (Spain). Adsumoto lost the two matches becouse the wheels don't provide enought traction.

Next week I have another championship in Barcelona so I have to improve the tires of the wheels. Any idea to improve the traction?




I have added a video of the Robolid tournament.



I will try to explain how I built the robot.

First of all I looked for information.  I watched a lot of sumo robot videos on youtube, read about robots in letsmakerobots... It all gave me an idea of what have been done and what was posible to done.

Second I decided the hardware I was going to use in the robot. I chosed the motors, wheels, sensors, batterys... I made a list of the different options and decided the one who fitted best to my idea of the robot.

Next I designed the robot using SolidWorks. Below there are some pictures of the desings. In my opinion SolidWorks it's very useful becouse you can create models of the motors, sensors and then design the chasis. You can make changes easily and fast. 

This was one of the first designs, 

This is the final design. I have only changed the colours. 


I also designed the circuits using Fritz. It's free and it has the most common elements such as Arduino, Sharp Sensors...


Then I build the chasis. I used aluminum sheets which I cut using a cutter and folded to make the parts I wanted. Below there are some pictures that will show you how I made it. I glued the different parts using Nural 21



I have attached de Arduino code

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You can buy silicone tires for these wheels which makes them grip better.

I buy them from junun.org but other retailers sell them too.

When playing sumo I wipe mine down with alcohol before each match to ensure maximum traction.


Thank You!

I will search in that page

I would like to see your code

Ok, I will try to upload it on the next days.

you can download it now :)

I have seen pleople use a vaccum to suck their bot onto the surface of the ring 

Don't tell me you drilled the holes with this 100 years old hand drill ^_^ that's pretty hardcore :-)

Nice littel sumo bot \o/

Yes, maybe it's not the easiest way but it's the cheapest ;)

Cool thing ..

Studying to this the code myself interestedly once



The hand's drill simply is Suuper... ;)