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Robot Made of CDs

Congrats to robotgoldfish for his robot 23:59.  He has chosen the Sumobot kit as a prize.


Thanks for everyone who particitaped.


If you wish to enter a robot, put a link to the robot page in the comments.

EXAMPLE - 32 cds used to create this robot.  1 or 2 will meet requirements, but keep in mind may not win you the challenge.






EDIT: Enter your robot as a link in the comments

Hello Everyone, I'm back again from another long hiatus. I mentioned this challenge a long time ago on the Robot Party hosted by RobotGrrrl, but I just haven't gotten around to posting it here.  So here it is:  The challenge is to build a robot using CDs.  The idea came from me pondering about what materials could I use to build my next robot.  Most people do not have access or the resources to obtain most of the robot building materials I use.  I began thinking of alternatives and I came up with compact discs.  They are easily obtainable (often free) and easy to machine. 

The judging will be based on these criteria

1.  Creativity

2.  Functionality - Does it actually do something

3.  Use of CDs - the more the better

There will be prizes and the winner will be announced live on the Robot Party.

I will post an example of a robot I built later this week to give you some inspiration.

Happy Building :D


BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit - Serial (With USB Adapter and Cable)

SUMO BOT : Build Your Own Remote-Controlled Programmable Sumo-Bot

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It's not me who invented the concept, but I do have a robot made of CD's:


Maybe it could inspire someone?

But my CD bot is ready for the puplic at http://letsmakerobots.com/node/34111

I suppose I should put my robot, Edwin in the running, since he does use old CDs for his framework.


Look down the page to just above the spot where it gives the date 05 MAY 2012 and you can see a shot from the front that shows he has two layers of CDs. Each layer is 2 CDs laminated together for strength.

This was 4 CDs, but what does not show is that when I transferred his parts from breadboard to circuit board, I was having trouble mounting the circuit board and the battery pack, so I added a longer bed on the back which was another two laminated CDs glued on the back, bringing the total to 6 CDs used in his construction.

Edwin is functional now, but I have not made a last video to show him running around the floor. He has trouble on the rug(s). His ball-bearing style rear wheel gets hung up in the carpet, so the only way I can let him run around is either the kitchen floor or the dining hall table. I will try to do a movie of him exploring one of these days.


Not sure why, but the above note double posted. (Ignore this one.)

Yeah! Something is done :)

Just have to wire up the leds and attach head to servo.

AND later I'm gonna get that IR Receiver work and then I'm fighting for the gold medal!


Using 08M and soon will be started with remote.
Posting this today! 

E: Link to the robot: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/34093

My computer did something and accidentally: DOUBLE POST

I will have my little walker up on lmr by Monday. I just need to take some pictures and write it up.