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Any body tried this shop

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Although I have never heard of them before I would not trust them for the more expensive items such as Fluke multi-meters. If you go to the "about us" page all their offices are in China.

I live in China and although admittedly the Chinese usually have the decency to mispell "Fluke" as "Fuke" I would not pay hundreds of dollars for a "Fluke" multimeter from them just because they got the spelling right. I have had a couple of "Fukes", they usually die after very little use and what you select with the switch at the front (e.g. DC volts) is not always what you get according to the LCD display.

If the company is selling genuine Fluke meters (and can prove it) then I apologise.

I've never used that shop but yes the prices do look fine although for anyone shopping from a place outside US, it might be better to buy the things from some other shop.