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hi, i m Developing a Delta robot in my final year project. I have formulated inverse kinetics , Direct Kinematics and link lengths using Workspace Volume and Dextarity Optimizaiton. I have also Fabricated the Structure according to the design and i have bought 20kgcm servos and arduino microcontroller. Being a mechanical engineer it is difficult for me write a program that generates the required motion. I need arduino codes and tutorials which could enable me to do the following functions 

1. Pick and place Assembly operations

2. Controlling the motion of the delta robot through mouse or i phone.

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oh thats exactly what i was looking for, well thanks a lot and i think i will be acquiring your further assistance for the vacuum suction assembly. 

You are welcome. If the questions are specific to my robot you should post them at there. If they are more about your own creation you should have them at your own page, preferable a robot page of cause. But that would require you to have done "something" besides thinking, and at the moment I'm not sure how far you are at actual building process.

I'm pretty proud of this one: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27921 I have even made an Arduino library and attached it to the robot page.