Let's Make Robots!

Total Chaos With Acceptable End Results

After the RobotParty the LMR party started and became one of the most hilarious moments ever experienced here. We had so much fun that this ShoutBox comments must not dissapear to /dev/null but must stay. 

There are JAX' hilarious comments, Birdmun's and Robo Paul's dialog where Paul points to himself. There is TheAndroidMan that keeps talking about food and fish so that most of us get hungry. AckJay starts to eat and makes us even more hungry.

Then there is the confusion about the winners and the alternate winners. Dan M won or not is the question.

In the middle of all that Andrew pops up the correct names and tackles the confusion. And RobotGrrl thanks to all and all thank to her. 

So one can say: Total Chaos... With Acceptable End Results here too.


Here are the comments... read them from bottom to top.


Dan M: @Max, ha ha
JAX: yes you are all very talented people.
ignoblegnome: Sorry for the premature evaluation. ; j
theandroidman: robotx-you bring any tarter sauce? we are having CD fish-since the cake was a LIE....
ackjay: No, Gabriel, but you're a winner in our book ;-P
ossipee: robotx you should do a show on how your eyes sensor work
Dan M: @ignoblegnome, Aye, that's me.
Gabriel_f: Anyone know how much money has been donated or is that a secret?
Ro-Bot-X: I decided in case I'd win I'd either offer my spot to the alternate list or donate it to a young LMR-er
Maxhirez: ...uhm... Can I change my user name to 121?
ackjay: It was the ones who give the most that one, clearly...
MetalmonkeeLad: at least LMR is gonna live!
Gabriel_f: Yeah. No winz for me either :)
ignoblegnome: Hey, Dan M: Is the email mickledaniel@xxxxx you?
MetalmonkeeLad: atleast LMR
birdmun: @Dan: I got cake :P
Ro-Bot-X: no prob, I did not want to win
MetalmonkeeLad: @dan, lol, it's ok
ackjay: Hi Robot-X, you lost :-( Sorry
Ro-Bot-X: Oh, so how's the word on the winners?
 JAX: yes dan is on the alternate list
 ackjay: @Blue -okay -(backing away slowly...)
 Maxhirez: Hi Dan! Dang, we got almost the whole crew here tonight!
 MetalmonkeeLad: hi dan! congrats!
theandroidman: Yeah-but the data onem is LOW fat......
Dan M: :-)
Dan M: As it said in Portal... "The cake is a lie."
JAX: :shudder:
birdmun: Re: fish face n fins. I would guess mylar or foil.
Blue Beta: actually ack - humans tend to taste more like pork
ackjay: @ JAX - Yes, Shake-n-BakeMakes A FINE Chicken Dinner...
Maxhirez: @ackjay-I wonder if the Donner Party said it...
JAX: sorry got confused
JAX: :)
JAX: oh yes you are
MetalmonkeeLad: @jax, i'm not leaving
JAX: I will admit that.
JAX: <3 shake n bake

JAX: o/ GG n MML
Blue Beta: i taste more like chicken
ackjay: bye General, nite
theandroidman: Ack-get me some damn shake and bake dog.......
MetalmonkeeLad: cheers gg
theandroidman: weez havin fish this evening.....
ackjay: This 10mins on LMR ="LMR on LSR, the REAL story"
GeneralGeek: Gonna head out. That was fun! See ya guys, thanks Robotgrrl!
Maxhirez: What are the face and fins made out of on that thing anyway?
theandroidman: Grrl-got that chaffing plate ready?
Maxhirez: Careful Blue Beta-The Android Man is hungry for Fish tonight!
theandroidman: Get me the big knike and skillet ma!
JAX: right there with ya, TAM. just too creepy.
MetalmonkeeLad: @android, yeah, creepy!
birdmun: @TAM: cut its head off
ackjay: @TAM _ LOL
NilsB: this was one of the funniest 10mins on LMR. Legendary.
Blue Beta: this is like normal LMR convo...but on LSD
ackjay: @JAX -LOL
JAX: Ahh laughed hard. feels like I did some situps.


JAX: :rimshot:
theandroidman: Oh-stigern...never mind.....but we still have cake right?
theandroidman: what-sturgeon? Now we got fish!
JAX: robo paul? did he get de-iced as well?
RobotGrrl: lolol JAX :)
JAX: dan's still in it
Maxhirez: Touché, RG!
ignoblegnome: Alt 5: stigern
JAX: sorry I was remembering when you could control robotbrrd in the chat box :)
MetalmonkeeLad: mechatronics*
ignoblegnome: Alt 4: Dan M
ackjay: @ JAX ...and feed flames...
theandroidman: Ok folks we got a stove chicken..cake someplace...andbody else?
MetalmonkeeLad: you know...the emchatronics...guy...and his emchatronics...ahhh, good times, good times!
ignoblegnome: Alt 3: Dalton Caughell
JAX: :dance1:
RobotGrrl: RoboBrrds are high in fibre! fibre GLASS :)
JAX: :flapwings:
JAX: mechatronics his username?
Maxhirez: Just don't try to cook and eat a RobotBrrd. They don't have a lot of meat on them.
theandroidman: please pass the chicken...and cake....
JAX: yeah, uh, that guy. who?
RobotGrrl: oooh we can cook the cake on my macbook which is very hot rendering the video!
ackjay: YESSS! even with just gums, I try an eat them...
ignoblegnome: Alt 2: the mechatronics guy
theandroidman: I think somebody had chicken dinners too......
NilsB: ...video's still importing...
Maxhirez: Yes! Gareth! Along with Geir and Mogul we have some big guns tonight!
JAX: like a fart in a dust storm, it is gone.
ossipee: oh yea android
theandroidman: Wait-there was cake?
Maxhirez: Get that checked, Jax. Distention is a serious condition!
GeneralGeek: Portal reference
theandroidman: I am sucking down rice krispie treats-want one?
Aaronsuper1: NOH!!!!
ignoblegnome: Alt 1: Gareth!
Aaronsuper1: CAKE IS A LIEEE!!!!
RobotGrrl: the alternates are a reason to just pick more numbers :D
JAX: pink sock?
JAX: I think I just laughed my butt out
ignoblegnome: There is no cake?
GeneralGeek: Do you have zee alternates?
NilsB: oh yes, RobotGrrl
ossipee: sorry was gonna offer you a picaxe 28 smt as a consolation prize
ignoblegnome: OK, OK. Will post it all on the Challenge page.
ackjay: man.you are making me hungry, STOP IT!
NilsB: and I'm laughing my loungs out here. so much fun.
birdmun: @Max: LOL
JAX: :giggles to himself:
JAX: ooh fast fast
RobotGrrl: so we also have the randomness of andrews brain? :D
Maxhirez: Bird's cake.
Aaronsuper1: CAAKKEEE core. :P
JAX: Insert


birdmun: I can't solder anything atm. my soldering station is not here.



lumi: have to read fast...it's like a news ticker :-D
ignoblegnome: Birdmun, in your case I was reading from the wrong column of numbers.
MetalmonkeeLad: what's an alternate?
theandroidman: Ok-Gotcha
ossipee: cool have i got an idea to run by him lol
NilsB: we are a funny bunch of robot makers :-)
ignoblegnome: Dan's an alternate.
MetalmonkeeLad: i've never seen this shoutbox so active before
ossipee: bummer bird can you solder smd
birdmun: geir the boat guy
robo Paul: no slow computer
JAX: @ossipee yeah
RobotGrrl: rofl aaron
theandroidman: so not Dr Dan either?
birdmun: life goes on
ossipee: geir the boat guy ?
ignoblegnome: Sorry, birdmun. My bad.
JAX: one of my favorite Live Shows was the one where Mr Andersen was the user highlight
lumi: congrats to all LMRians ;-) i think that we all agree that LMR rocks \o/
ackjay: agreed lumi, congrats to ALL WINNERS!
birdmun: @GG: aye no icing for me
ossipee: so ignoble how did we do will this place float for another 6 months
birdmun: or maybe not
MetalmonkeeLad: @robo paul, lol, making sure that you've won!
birdmun: I must be an alternate?
GeneralGeek: Your icing got stolen from your cake
lumi: oh Geir, conrats
NilsB: hi5 Geir
GeneralGeek: Sorry birdmun...
birdmun: I guess not
RobotGrrl: congrats to the winners!
JAX: hi5 Mr Anderson
MetalmonkeeLad: congrats to the winners!
Maxhirez: Bird didn't win after all?
lumi: congrats all winners
ignoblegnome: Winner 5: Geir Anderson
RobotGrrl: Mogul!! yay1!
NilsB: jax.. good description.
robo Paul: thank you:)
MetalmonkeeLad: @lumi, yeah, lol
JAX: hi5 mogul
birdmun: mogul? very kewl
lumi: oh, mogul is the only one i know :D
MetalmonkeeLad: congrats mogul!!!
JAX: it was awesome. total chaos with acceptable end results :) genius.
MetalmonkeeLad: seriously? mogul?
Maxhirez: Him I know. YAY MORTEN!
ignoblegnome: Winner 4: Alberts (Robo Paul)
ossipee: yay mogul
robo Paul: winner 2 ??????????
GeneralGeek: At least they donated
ignoblegnome: Winner 3: Mogul!
Maxhirez: Another rare shouter.
JAX: :looks for olav:
NilsB: it was fun. never mind the technical issues.
ossipee: mils rocks
GeneralGeek: Manfred Schwab is a funny name... Now i'm thinking of Manny the wooly mammoth from Ice Age
ignoblegnome: Winner 2: Olav Schettler
ackjay: @ birdmun, you won inmy book !
lumi: not much time for myself right now but getting better
Maxhirez: He must not shout much.
JAX: :looks for Manfred:
RobotGrrl: we all loved your robot! and robotfreak's robot too!
birdmun: and now IG is gonna tell me I didn't win :P
Maxhirez: Never heard of him.
RobotGrrl: nils thank you SOOOO much for staying up late to do this!
lumi: china is still there :-D
ignoblegnome: Winner 1: Manfred Schwab
NilsB: erin, thanks for having us
Maxhirez: Okay Kyle-what's your first choice of the prizes?
ossipee: nice jod RG
JAX: o/ lumi
ignoblegnome: OK. I think I have this sorted.
ackjay: hi lumi - how's china?
RobotGrrl: it was a blast :D
NilsB: hello to china
Maxhirez: Welcome Lumi!
birdmun: getting chosen was just icing on the already made cake :)
lumi: hi folks
ackjay: @ RG -TY 4 hosting the party.
JAX: good ringmastering.
lumi: but i see you people had a lot of fun
JAX: the three ring circus was in effect.
birdmun: How could we miss a dual robo lotto draw?
lumi: sadly i missed it again :(
Maxhirez: Nice work tonight, RobotGrrl!
JAX: o/ RG
RobotGrrl: Thanks everyone for coming to the Robot Party!
RobotGrrl: Wooooo
NilsB: Thank you guys for your support. YOU ROCK!
NilsB: ...importing now...
ackjay: Better Nils then me, you did good mate- like how brainy you are about it all...
Maxhirez: LOL TAM! He could rent it out to churches in Minnesota dere...
NilsB: ....bevore bingo there must be a video made from this...
Aaronsuper1: Haha, BINGO, genius!
JAX: I'll have to check with Guiness but I think that was the first live netcast of a dual robot number drawing event. Legendary.
theandroidman: Can you get the chaot ready for bingo for tom. night?
birdmun: I still say Chaot should be pimped on hackaday.
Maxhirez: I missed the good part Nils, but I'm so impressed by the beauty of the Chaot that I think a camera bump can be forgiven.
theandroidman: you were great Nilsb-good work man
JAX: your team did great, no worries nils
Maxhirez: Yeah, Bird. Welcome to the club, robo Paul.
JAX: ahhhh you betcha, aye
NilsB: ouff... live stream... well. we've done it. there is room to improve.
JAX: winners winners chicken dinners!
Dan M: the McKenzie brothers?
ossipee: hoo ray Dan
theandroidman: we outta turn it into fri night bingo......
Maxhirez: Amens, ossipee!
Dan M: ha ha
myblack60impala: gimme a beer eh
birdmun: @robo Paul: I can see you. I just don't recall seeing you around before.
myblack60impala: when I hear Canadian I think of beer!
JAX: I loved the whole drawing. I would have sat through the whole thing, alas.
ackjay: *A not I
ackjay: Yes, she has I sweet voice for a fellow nerd...
Blue Beta: my sodding servo crashed just as i joined
Maxhirez: @Jax-I see, like on the Loony Toons.
MetalmonkeeLad: congrats robo paul!
birdmun: Easy there Max, your fiancee might get jealous :)
robo Paul: <------look
ackjay: so did I , I think, I could not really tell...
JAX: that charming canadian drawl
theandroidman: There ya go Jax..!
Maxhirez: ...and also, is "adorable" the first thing that comes to mind whenever you hear RobotGrrl talk on ustream?
robo Paul: robo paul is ME
JAX: off*
JAX: "get of stage, creepy pendulum thing!"
ossipee: congrats robo paul
myblack60impala: rats missed the robot party....
birdmun: I don't know who robo Paul is.
MetalmonkeeLad: @ack, yeah, but i've missed the main event
JAX: it got the hook. the cameras chose a different subject mid-drawing
robo Paul: ???????????:(
ackjay: It was fun to see live ;-P
ossipee: who is robo paul
robo Paul: ok so did I win
Maxhirez: What did I miss the Chaot doing, Jax? "Hook?"
JAX: easy money, ig XD
ossipee: yup and we can ask for no more
ignoblegnome: Hang in a few minutes and I'll post it.
ackjay: @ Metal -You didn't miss much..
JAX: I can't believe Chaot got the proverbial "hook." unfair I tell you! :)
Maxhirez: So who did we have? DanM, Bird and RoboPaul? I only went back so many shouts...
ignoblegnome: Smooth as craters, clear as mud.
ossipee: ignoble relax you got it right I have faith
ackjay: I'm Here now
MetalmonkeeLad: darn it, i didn't saw the raffle!
theandroidman: The pendulum thing was sorcery! sorcery I tell you! Ha-I loved it!
JAX: :salutes ig: I'm sure everything is in order, Cap'n.
ignoblegnome: I want to run through the numbers carefully before I flub it again. ;j
ossipee: me too jax nice touch
JAX: the arm stirring the number pegs had me laughing.
ignoblegnome: The order will make a difference. Every number draw will be a winner or an alternate.
GeneralGeek: Woohoo!
JAX: that was a first of its kind that I've ever seen.
Maxhirez: Big thanks to RobotGrrl though.
ossipee: ignoble you did great
JAX: oh, I meant fantastic about the posting. are the winners still the right names though? wrong order?
ignoblegnome: He has lost audio on the Robot Party, so it was hard to follow.
ignoblegnome: I may have gotten them out of order.
Maxhirez: I missed some of the good parts I think.
JAX: fantastic.
ignoblegnome: I think I had some mis-communication with Nils while he was running the numbers.
ignoblegnome: Yep. I'll get 'em all posted.
JAX: can you run the numbers for the alternates, ig?
ignoblegnome: Got 'em. Thanks!
Aaronsuper1: hope it helped.
NilsB: 2..1..3
ignoblegnome: I think that's Nils' 8th pick. Two more to go.
JAX: just holler if I make the alternates ;)
NilsB: 5..5..3
JAX: the drawing is over but the party rages on
ignoblegnome: I'll post an announcement.
JAX: @RBX I'm sure there will be
MetalmonkeeLad: i'm watching it live now
ignoblegnome: Show is on, but the donation winners were picked.
MetalmonkeeLad: congrats to the winners!
Ro-Bot-X: is there a recording I can watch?
Ro-Bot-X: missed the show?
JAX: I didn't recognize the others mentioned
Aaronsuper1: And some others, too!!
JAX: Dan M, birdmun, and robo Paul here were three of the winners
Aaronsuper1: Dan, bird, and albert (robopaul)
NilsB: Andrew, can you copy the numbers?
MetalmonkeeLad: who won?
JAX: that was cool
NilsB: 2..5..2
NilsB: Dan M got a win
NilsB: 4..5..2
NilsB: bird got a win
NilsB: 6..3..5
JAX: me too
PeteH: Just got to work so watching the Party
JAX: I can't believe Chaot got the hook! so unfair.
JAX: put some ice on that ankle, DC. keep the swelling down.
NilsB: 2..1..1
JAX: o/ pete
Aaronsuper1: 121453265
Aaronsuper1: Yaya, i saw myself on the shoutbox through the ustream, haha!!!
NilsB: 2..6..5
PeteH: Morning all
Dan M: Type something and it will pop up a page asking you to either sign in or sign up new.
Dan M: David, why don't you sign in?
David C.: lucky stiffs
NilsB: 4..5..3
warnew: g'night
Aaronsuper1: Chaot is on!!
NilsB: 1..2..1
JAX: thought I'd check out LMR while the party is on
David C.: literally, just sprained my ankle
David C.: sigh.... groan, almost broke my bone
David C.: (i made it rhyme)
David C.: sniff, cry, gatt a go, goodby
birdmun: there is chatting via ustream
David C.: i dont wanna watch if I'm not ganna have fun
birdmun: David, just go to the link he posted and watch
David C.: EVERYONE!!!!!@
birdmun: he is
David C.: even u are there general geek?
David C.: :( sigh
David C.: and no ones listening cause everyones watching the party

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Looks like you guys had fun. I just can't understand why I missed that....

haha! nice one!

Missed all that while finding parts of new bot.