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Driver Download Problems

I just recieved a new computer and i'm trying to download the driver for the programing cable but after I download the driver It says that there is no driver found when I plug in the cable. I'm using windows 7. If you have any ideas I would be glad to have them. I want to start my next project. Thanks.

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It didn't work is not much to go on. Did the driver install start? You would be prompted "do you wish to run this software", ok or cancel. Let it finish and click when prompted to.
After you run the self installer you plug in the cable to a usb port and windows will pop up the found new hardware wizard. It will search for a while, chillout, go outside and throw a ball for your dog or something and then come back.

Then the instructions say windows will fail to find new driver. You must then manually install the drivers as per the instrucitons in the pdf I linked to.

It didn't work I still had the same problem.

I don't get why it wont work

Um you didn't just download it did you? Here are instructions for getting started with picaxe.
Download this instructions and follow for installing the cable. Make sure the cable is plugged in and always use the same port.