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Changes for LMR V.4

During shouting in the shout box, I've seen many people hope that LMR v 4 will have the changes they want, so I made this forum topic for everyone to tell the admin the changes they want in the new version of the site. Please post the changes you want to see and I hope fritsl and other admin will see this.

Note- Your commenting in this forum will not mean that your desired change is reflected in version 4 of the site. This is just a off topic forum to discuss what LMR ians want. The final changes will be decided upon by the admin and fritsl.

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May I suggest using http://www.userecho.com for gathering feedback and suggestions that way it limits duplicates and gives us the ability to vote up good suggestions :)

see http://pidish.userecho.com for example

... The topic on voting for anything on this site has been discussed before in other blog (s) (search rcr). I personally am against community voting or rating as no 2 robot, tip or blog is same and hence can't be compared (again see rcr for my views).

The suggestion was aimed more at decreasing duplication so the administrator looking through this bunch of replies doesn't get confused rather than LMR4 itself.

We need some kind of knowledge base, more sophisticated than the Tip/walktrough section.

The stuff should be searchable and people can link to there as well. It makes solving questions that have been asked a houndred times much easier --> that's how it's done on sites that are "forums only" if you know what I mean.

It would be nice with something like the revision history which wikis use, It has happened more than once that I've messed up when editing one of my articles and just didn't bother to fix it. Wiki-like syntax would be really nice too, 


Oh, and inline search. Damn I miss that feature right now :)

*edit:* Another nice thing would be some sort of notification for when you've got a new comment or reply on something. Now you have to look at each(or use email notifications, I get enough emails as it is thank you :)

Thanks vishurockssrivastava for this post.

The level of information we are giving you guys on v4 is way too low. I do not know if you can understand this, but I am thinking a lot about you guys, and what I should tell you. In the same time, I am spending every minute I have available on the project, and I just never get to the communicating, which I am sorry for.

I just mailed Andrew (ignoblegnome) a pretty good view into what is going on, I expect he will pass on the info.

In any case I am about to open a development blog - I am just not sure when I will get to it - in reality.

One of the things I have been thinking about telling you is; I have agreed with Hugo_NL (Programmer on v4) that we are not submitting a single new feature request before the site is on air. Simply because now we have that as primary target; Get the thing up and running.

That does not mean that the inputs here are not read, and not welcome. But you should wait and see the new site before you think too much; What you think of now can only relate to the old LMR - things may be different in the new.

I will not get into describing v4 here - if Andrew is not doing it, I will get to it - but with the calendar I am running, it may unfortunately be quite some time, I am sorry.

What I will post, is news from Hugo - and they are about to come, I hope :)

Thanks for the update. I started this forum post only as a way to compile what other people want and the intention was never to put any pressure on you guys. I'm sorry if there has been some unintentional pressure.

Cheers for the update, and thanks to you and Hugo for all the hard work =)


Ability to use [code] [/code] tags to produce a scrollable window when inserting programs into a post.  Random example from the Picaxe forum here.