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How do you determine pins on relay?

I got this relay today but not sure how this relay works. Try to search on this particular relay but not much information or datasheet. I tried to wire it around and find out if I connect A and B with battery I can hear the TIC sound so I assume C1,C2 will be connected or C2 and D2, however it doesn't work that way. If I connect the battery on C1 and D1 and connect a motor on C2 and D2 the motor will work. So, I guess C1 and C2 is linked and so as D1 and D2.

This relay is DC24V 20A from a company named "Original". Couldn't find any information for this relay. Thanks if anyone can show me and tips or datasheet. Or any hints how to find out those pins on relay goes to where. Thanks a lot!

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Grab your multimeter and start checking pins. The coil should have a fair bit of resistance, at least in my mind it would. After you find the coil pins, I would look to see if the relay is a SPDT or a DPST. I would look to see if either of the other pairs of pins are NC and hope the other pair are NO.

This site http://n-p.components-source.com/inventorysearch/index.php?part=OW-SH-124DM-DC24V says you can get a datasheet if you request it.

And that is the extent of my ability to assist. :)

What you`ve already found sounds about right. The large tabs on top are for connectors and the small ones underneath can be used on a circuit board, either could be NC or NO and they may even be the same. You already worked out A and B are the coil.

Anything over about 12v should latch the relay but I wouldn`t go less then 15v for proper operation, it definitely won`t work on a microcontroller without some help.