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For my Arduinos I have a joystick shield, ethernet shield and 2 sensor shields.You can find a list of most shields here -> http://shieldlist.org/ No idea if these work with some of the picaxe boards, I'm an Arduino man. The "shield" thing is an invention of the Arduino community. It's just an easy way to add more functionality to an Arduino without the need to make a pcb yourself.

Thanx a lot. :)

But can you explian that a little more?

Wat does one mean by Expand the capabilities? Like just some more output/input pins; or are there other properties ?

There are many different options already available, with more turning up as new shields are designed.
A few examples are:

• shields with breadboard/prototyping space (for adding your own parts)
• TV shield for generating video output to a TV
• Motor driver shields for controlling DC motors, stepper motors, servos etc
• Real time clock shield
• LED shield
• input/output expander shields

cool. Thanx

Shields are modules that expand the capabilities of your board. They are typically shaped the same as your uC board and share the same pinout. They plug right in, in a "stacked" configuration. These shields are more typical for an Arduino.

There are no shields available for your 28x board.