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Raven Quadracopter

Flies around

So I have always wanted to build a Quadracopter and I finaly did it. A special thanks to hardmouse who donated the an old GAUI frame that I was able to hack up to add my own landing gear, build custom motor mounts out of aluminum and threw in my own electronics! The brains of the operation is a hobbyking Quadracopter control board that uses 3 gyros to stabilize the quad and send control signals to ESCs to control the Quad.

Power Distriution Board


Power distribution Board Sealed. 

Electronic Thinking Stuff

FPV Camera System (yet to be fully implimented) 

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Nice, that's a mean looking quad copter you've built.

What batteries have you got on there?

Can't wait to see the FPV working!

Thanks for the kind words. In theory this thing packs a lot more punch than kit Quads but I haven't been able to push it anywhere close to it's limits. The video you see is at about 30% throttle. 

The battereis are 3 cell 11.1V Lipos with 2200maH and a max discharge rate of about 70C. 

Great job Gonzik! I am glad to see it fly again. That extended cross bar seems pretty nice to give it more stabilized flight.