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Robot Party Extravaganza Recap!

Robot Party May 3, 2012


The Robot Party from last week was fantastic! It was LIVE from Evil Mad Science where we showed the LetsMakeRobots v4 drawing with prizes from seeedstudio using NilsB's robot that Andrew relayed for us! PHEW!


There were many cool robots on this Robot Party! It's most excellent to see everyone helping everyone! Here we are holding up some robots, the Eggbot and RoboBrrd and a Medium Tank!

Robot Party May 3, 2012


You can watch the recording of the Robot Party on YouTube on this playlist!

Here is part 1 of 5! Watch on YouTube


The complete list of winners is here!



Chaot's live drawing is here:



RobotFreak's live drawing is here:



It was great to see the robots working live! Here was another robot that stopped by- DataBus from the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Challenge!


Robot Party May 3, 2012


Eaglesnest Robotics was also there! They got to show off their Meggy Jr RGBs to the Evil Mad Scientists themselves! Pretty cool!

Robot Party May 3, 2012


Didn't get a chance to donate? Good news! Adafruit Industries has added 5 more prizes! So pop over to LetsMakeRobots now and donate! More info to come on when they will be drawn, and maybe more special things will happen! ;)


LIVE ROCKS! Special thanks to Evil Mad Science for being there LIVE and their speedy internet to broadcast the Robot Party!


See everyone again on Thursday, 8PM ET / 5PM PT! http://robotgrrl.com/robotparty