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Picaxe 08M2 'Micro' Board

Picaxe Board with very small dimentions: 2.1x2.1x2.6cm (0.826x0.826x1.023inches)!

Board was Updated! Version 2.0 is done. :)

I have created this small Picaxe08M2 Board so it can be integrated in small robots or other projects which require small dimentioned PCBs and components. The Power Supply Board is as small as the Picaxe Board, i.e. same dimentions: 2.1 x 2.1 x 2.6 cm (0.826 x 0.826 x 1.023 inches)!


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Hope to see your swarm robot project up and running! It sound's great! And usefull in many areas of research.. :) When you have something, contact-me..

Nice, I like those little things, even I do not have had worked with a Picaxe yet. I am sure it could be done for ATtiny too ;-) Well done Werner!

Well, the Vreg could be replaced by the smaller 78L05 (TO-92 package) instead of this one (TO-220 package) which would be enough, and yes, the heatsink is not needed. But a "big" Vreg with heatsink gives it a nice look! :)

Yes! :) The overhanging board was to be replaced with a "fitting" on the cable it's self, and originally only meant to be there for program download. That was not an option, since serial pin can not be left "floating"! A work around is in progress.

Thank's for the feedback!

Also, is the vreg pulling enough current to require a heatsink?

I bet you tried everything you could to not need that overhanging board. :)