Let's Make Robots!

LMR meeting in Shanghai

We did it again. This time our friend OddBot (Russel) visited Shanghai and we got the chance to meet again, even with his limited time in Shanghai.

So, who is "we"? That's MarkusB (Markus), Taweili (David) and me. You can see Russel, Markus and me on the following picture. David as a photographer is behind the cam (sorry about the quality but this is not David's fault but the cheapy Point-and-Shoot camera ;-)

During the dinner with quite juisy and delicious burgers (Russel had to explain the chef that Aussie burgers do not have pickles but pineapple on it -> pickles on burgers is a no go for Aussies ;-) ), Mexican and Australian beer we already talked about the one thing...robots!!! Ok, there was not just robot talk but also talking about ArduBlock which is developed by David -> anyway, it's also robot related ;-)

All LMRians out there, if you ever come to Shanghai then leave a message that we can arrange a meeting to "Talk about Robots" or just have fun. 

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OMG!! this is very awesome!!!

An epic meeting of the minds!

This is so cool! :D