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Hey guys,

I tried sending out more book requests this morning but gmail is having issues.

So don't freakout, I'll send them out as soon as they allow me to.

Ok I'm caught up, all book requests should be sent.

The Arduino one in and of itself is worth it's weight in gold.  As to downloading, I saw a great cartoon about that.  More or less it asked what would happen if you called the cops and said " Someone stole my car.  I mean, it's still there, they just made a perfect copy of it and drove away?"  And if the real problem is that multiple people are using the same intellectual property without discrete payments to the authors, then we'd better go back and prosecute the all the public librarians acting as file sharers for the last hundred years.  I think that possibly intellectual property is at its conceptual death.  Information wants to be free.  Sell your things, share your ideas.

thank you very much! but, where's the 4th book? thanks!!!!

Book 4 was the arduino one, I'll resend it.


i wanna!!!


I often get my PDFs at gunpoint.

...or by email request!  :-)