Let's Make Robots!

Simple IR (Based on CNY70) Obstacle Avoiding Bot (Picaxe 28X)


This small and simple Bot was mounted on a thin Foam Board Chassis, the Servos (Recicled due to internal PCB failiure) were modified to turn 360º and their internal PCB's were removed, (basically one ended up having two small and quite powerfull set's of motor+gearbox). The IR 'eyes' were build around a CNY70 IR Component. (Modules were designed and built by a robotic's colegue "back in the day", and given to me on a Robotic's challenge when our sensors "flat-lined":) Still got them and working fine! The wheels were made by using Paper Feed Wheels of an old Printer, they are well dimentioned, strong and the rubber is quite good! and they are easy to fit on to a Servo Shaft. Last but not least, although the Picaxe Board was custom made, smaller, and added a row of 5V/0V Supply Pins for the sensors and other, the motor controller board was bought due to it's size. The Bot no longer exists due to mechanical failiure of one of the servos. :( And Picaxe 28 Board re-used for another Project. :)