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picaxe board not working

i was working on my robot, blinky, and all of the sudden he stopped working. i added the code, everything pluged in, and all batteries are inserted. 

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what were you doing at the time ? Exactly!.  for all i know your were adding a bumper switch and you connected it to unregulated main power, maybe?. 

maybe the new code is stopping it from working , did you change something ?

dose it start again when you reset the the picaxe ?

sometimes when your writing code you can get infinite loops, your program can get stuck  repeating it's self ,  for me it's return's  and goto's .

Trouble shooting: start at the battery look for charge and connections, uC look and all your connections and com pair it to what ever information your using as a reference guide and get to know your uC a bit better in the processes, next is inputs and output, sensors and motors , basically your looking for short circuits and disconnections  

Did you ever get it working again? 

first - do you own a multimeter or an LED linked to a battery? this way you can check all the relevant connections are still there.

after that id recomend testing the batteries, motor etc to make sure they still work

once that is done - ask again


ive done everything possible, but it just isnt working

Please tell us exactly what you tried not just a vague blanket statement. If you really had tried everything you would have found the problem.

Did the robot work before? If it did what did you change? Undo the changes and see if it works again. If you want more help than that post photos of your wiring and code plus a description of what it does when turned on, otherwise this is all just a crapshoot in the dark.