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The Tale of One Pleased Robot Owner


I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this FEZ Mini Robot!

My coding in C# is rapidly improving and now I can do just about anything I want, it compiles (not even many warnings!) and runs great on the robot. The Microsoft emulator no longer puts out those error messages (as long as the hardware is attached to the system.)

When I started out I thought maybe I couldn't learn C# but I am happy to be wrong about that. I still have a LOT to learn in C#, but my desire to learn it is VERY strong.

It's true, FEZ is Fricking Easy! :-)

I had to get the mini board with the robot, but now I want a bigger FEZ board in a bigger robot.

UPDATE: This is better than I could have ever expected! This thread has now become a discussion from beginner (me) to seasoned programmer (Geir) about programming in C#. Others are becoming involved now too. That is sooooo cool!

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That works just fine! With that, true public variables are posssible. I know one should try NOT to use them, but at times they can turn a hard, complex solution into a relatively simple one. I very much needed that capability.

As usual, you saved the day (you should be getting used to doing that) :-)

Thanks again, my friend.


I’m happy to see that you are so pleased with the .NET Micro Framework. I hope more people are inspired to try C# and what probably is the best programming IDE around (Visual Studio Express). Every time that I’m using something else like Arduino or PICAXE I do miss the on chip debugger that is extremely powerful!

But you say “The Microsoft emulator no longer puts out those error messages (as long as the hardware is attached to the system.)”
Why are you using the emulator now that you have the hardware? (I personally never used the emulator)


Hello Geir,

I hope you don't mind me asking a rather basic C# question as it relates to FEZ devices. To me it isn't all that basic yet, but here goes:

As far as I can see now, the programs that one writes for the FEZ are a series of function calls to "source" files named after what they do. (Example for LEDs is "led.cs" and the example program shows how to call those functions.)

Here is the big question: so far my program is "straight lined" and not broken into functions I write. Is this considered right because the lines are already functon calls???

One reason I write this is I am horrible so for at writing functions (I think they refer tom them as "methods" in object-oriented terns). My problem is not writing the function itself, but setting up the darned variables properly! (Lots of compiler warnings and errors.)

Thanks again, I really appreciate any answers you can give. (Unless you say otherwise I think I found a C# ,NET guru!)



I don't use the emulator either. I was just saying that error message I used to get with it no longer occurs. When people were saying ithe error would disappear after hardware was connected (if I remember, you did too) they were correct, It had me very concerned at the time.

I don't see nearly enough robots on the web based on .NET Micro Framework and wish I knew a a way to improve that...

People hear the word Microsoft and immeadeatly yell "eeeks!" and run and that stops any further looking at things like the .NET Micro Framework (I know, I used to be one of them!)

The quality of the hardware based on the .NET Micro Framework is excellent and so is the wonderful C# IDE and they should be able to stand on their own merits, instead of being crippled by the "Microsoft" name.

I was more than a bit afraid when I first started out, but now I absolutely love it!