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Well as if I don't have enough development systems to study(my poor Ti launchpad lies waiting still) I couldn't resist getting the Cortex ARM- M4 discovery board from St Microelectronics. It looked a really good value board and I know there are a few people here who have already got one. Delivered it cost me 25 dollars Aus. Thats about what arduinos cost here in shops but of course this board comes with a lot more features.

I sometimes wonder if my appetite for learning stifles my productivity and it seems almost a bizarre form of Adhd to flit from one system or task to another. But for now this one is staying boxed until I finish my Udacity cs101 course. Just interested to know, does anyone else find they also spend more time studying and experimenting than completing projects. At times I get frustrated at this "stupidity" of mine.

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If you were just into one mechanical system, you'd be a mechanic.  If you were only into one IDE, you'd write games or apps for it.  Your nature though is that of a polymath, which you have to be to bridge the various worlds that are required for "physical computing."  The metaphor I think of is mountain climbing-no one jumps from mountaintop to mountaintop.  You have to go up one then down again to climb the next.  In this case, the "descent" is the flitting about.  

One more thing-it's quite the opposite of stupidity.  The real mark of intelligence is curiosity, and curiosity has to be at the root of the drive to always learn and achieve new things-which is the opposite of madness by some definitions, "doing the same thing repeatedly hoping for different results."

There.  I just justified our common personality disorder! ;-)

Thanks, you know that mountain climbing metaphor is brilliant. I'm glad I'm not alone.