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AXE033 Serial LCD Doesn't Work!


I bought an AXE033 Serial Backlit LCD v2 for my thermometer project, but it doesn't work.
I have connected the headers from every side and hole.
And J2 and RB are inserted.
I tested it, and it worked! (Connected CLK holes)
But when i am going to control it with my PICAXE 28x2, it doesn't work!

Using w/ 4.5V
It's connected to project board, pin of 28x2, not through that transistor chip, straightly to PICAXE.
OUT isn't connected to anything. 

I used a code from picaxe.com.

 Here's a pic:

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Here's the update!

Along with pics, please post more detail. "It doesn't work" is not very descriptive.