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Project Phoenix (ALAN's new look)

hello everybody! it's been a long time since i have updated ALAN, i've been busy for some events, and still am, but i have manage to fix some bugs.

i still haven't added his arms yet, and the battery died (must be a short, RIP), but i will buy a new one when i have time (and money).

so here are the updates:

CAUTION: what you are about to see can and will make you sick, i warned you about it, so prepair a bucket and a mop!

if you want to comment, don't comment here, comment on this link:


New PCB:

coloured it black:

Now, ready for the bucket and the mop....

connecting the PCB to the body....(nurse, i need the scissors and the soldering iron)


here you can see him with a new popsicle chassis (not sanded yet)

Polished like a posh:

charging plug (this looks bad):

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could you put video of this in action?

This guy is still in progress, I've been busy for a long time, mostly because of school, I dunno when I'm gonna finish this one....
But I have made a circuit recently(well, haven't really made it yet, I don't have rime, But I have wrote my schematics down so that I can make it soon) that can simulate artificial intelligence using classical conditioning and will try it soon!