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Shops in the Philippines

Hi everyone! I'm new here and in robotics world. Does anybody know any shops here in the Philippines where I can buy materials for robots like the stuffs needed from the Start Here page. Thank you

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If you have only $15, take a look at robots like Spurtbot and Scooder (search them). They have been built cheaply and may come in your budget. If you have plans to make more robots or robots with brains, you have to buy micro controllers. Look around you if you have any toys which can contain parts to help you. Also, for really.cheap micros, try searching ebay for arduino uno clones. Most genuine ones cost around $20 but you can get real cheap ones at $15. If you want a genuine one, go to yourduino and look at yourduino robo 1. You can also ask Terry, the co shop owner of Yourduino to give you a 5% discount that he has for LMR Members. You can also ask metalmonkeelad on shoutbox about how he makes his robots without any programmable brain. Checkout alan and mechanical genie. I hope this helps and best of luck for your first project.

Sadly ours is an expensive hobby. Start with a cheap controller and work your way up.

If you are completely new to robotics, welcome to LMR. Here is the link to a shop that will ship to Phillipines the complete start here Kit. If you see Jax in the shoutbox, you can ask him specifically about the kit and if he'll be able to help you.

The three shops that I look (and think of buying from) are-

Check as many sites as you can. If budget is not a problem, go for some other sites like sparkfun or futurlec (as chinese sites can take a lot of time in shipping (not generally with yourduino)) but I stick to these three (and maybe I'll place my first orders from the three in about 5 days time :)

I buy most of my stuff on Ebay from Chinese sellers, most have free worldwide shipping so it doesn't matter where you are in the world.