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Need some help with a few components.

Hey guys!

Im gonna start up on a RC tracked robot in a while, but im still at bit lost on what motors and controller i should use.

I have read about the Sabertooth2x25 and it seems like it's easy to use. I've found it to around 100$ which I think is quiet expencive. Is there any alternative that is easy to use?

I was thinking about using it with thies two motors with the following specs:

Power Rating:33W
Body Diameter:40mm
Rotational Speed Max:2100rpm
Torque Max:600mN-m
External Height:103mm
SVHC:No SVHC (15-Dec-2010)
External Diameter:63mm
No Load Speed:2100rpm
Power Consumption:4.8W
Supply Voltage Max:24V

Will this setup be usefull or do I need to change anything?

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I see.

I only found the chip when i googled it. Gonna try to search a little more.

Lots of companies make motor controller boards with the L298n chip. I have a small board with a L298n chip, cost me less than 10$ from a Chinese seller on Ebay).


That L298N is only a chip right? If I use that one I need to solder the rest of the CPU on my own, or am I wrong?

@ Bajdi

Your right, it would be a bit of overkill with a 2x25A motor controller.


I have found a sabertooth dual 5A R/C 6-18V CPU, what I like about it is that it is just plug and play.

With two 12V batteries coupled in series this would work right?

With those motors a L298N would do the job. It's rated for 50V max and 2A per motor. I would use 2x L298N's with each chip configured to drive 1 motor @ 4A. That will allow for stall currents.

I assume the power rating of 33W is the max power it will consume? So I (current) = P (power) / U (voltage), so your motors will draw a current of 1,375A. A 2x25A motor controller might be a bit of overkill...