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Interacts with human beings

***Update 17/05/2012***

Fubo assembled and partly wired :


***Update 14/05/2012***

Painted the base in PINK:

Serial enabled LCD is working:


This is Fubo, a robot toy for my daughter. To put it briefly, Fubo was created to demonstrate the possibilities of interacting with human beings. Fubo has different modes, for instance a teaching mode, entertaining mode, an emotional mode and a kind of Tamigotchi/Furby-mode. Fubo has 6 servos, 1 loudspeaker, a LCD display, 2 IR sensors to detect movements, 1 microphone, a speech recognation module and a speech module (mp3), controlled by an Arduino Mega 2560.

I can freely program the robot and adjust it to the current development of my daughter and her wishes. Parents could share the programs, and later, maybe, my daughter can program the robot by herself (but I guess, the Arduino Mega is then not up to date anymore :)

The mouth, the ears and the eyes were made by a two component epoxy based filling and moulding putty, then painted with Tamiya colors. The eyelids are made from plastic Christmas tree balls, the eyelashes from thin carton, then soaked with super glue, which makes the carton rock sturdy.

Fubo's head finished:

Backside of the head. Ear movement is unsynchronized by purpose:

Fubo's head with pan/tilt unit:


Construction of the base. I used an old perf board as a drilling template for the loud speaker opening:

More updates later...

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looks interesting !! 

awesome project 

any video yet?


this furby looks so great!ive always wanted to make sucha robot!:D

I think if you took the cloth "skin" off a Furby (there was a specifc way to do it) it looked a little like that. I got mine to do a few things by ripping out the processor (nobody could decode it) and connecting it to my parallel printer port on (one or two "level shift" transistors were needed)

I remember using Basic to program it (it was easy to flip bits on the parallel port back then). It would only do a few things but it was a whole lot of fun!

Yours looks SOOOOO much better than that, and I am highly impressed.

(Just a hint only: How about one or two arms???)

Thanks, Will. Thought about arms and will add one maybe later.

When I joined LMR I was regularly drawn & quaurtered if I did not immediately post a video!

I've now been waiting for over a week.

You're all hounding me to death with your video calls :)

You make some damn cool robots Markus, of course we want video!

I agree with that :-)