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My servos and motors don't work

It was very hard for me to setup everything till now. Almost had a problem with every step till now but thank god, was able to complete till programming the hardware.

Everything seems to fine now: power, connectivity, hardware but my servos and motors don't work when i run the program.

I have checked my servo position is at 0 only and I run the code accordingly. 

Please anyone, help.

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PWM is Pulse Width Modulation and in this case would be used for speed control of your motors. If you are using the standard Picaxe 28x board (the Start Here board), it is not available to be used.

Ok, we all thought you were on an Arduino.

Ok, spinning around in a circle:

  • Check that you have both motors going forward when you tell them to go forward. Swap wires or modify the HIGH/LOW's within the code to get them both going the right way
  • Check your distance sensor to see what values are coming out when an object is say, 10 or 12" away
  • Be sure you have the "danger" variable set to reflect this value
  • Check to see that your servo was indeed centered when you installed the distance sensor. If the head is looking hard left but the robot thinks it is centered, it could give you problems

There are of course, a lot of other stuff it could be --but again, you have not given us a whole lot to work with in terms of your question, so this is the best I can think of, I'm afraid.

y hell can't pepole ask a decent question with all the facts , it's getting to me again . don't know how you do it ctc


I tried and it seemed that the problem was with only few output connections. I was at first using 0 output but then tried 7. It worked there.

What could be the possible reason? (I soldered it nicely).

that's for serial RX usually

also if your using PMW that can mess up servos

No idea, what's pmw. It worked that way so i believe its good for me. 

Also, one more problem. I tried the program on start page but it seems my robot keeps rotating around a fixed point. What's that issue?

I am sure it is because you are using assembly code from an old IBM in your microcontroller.

It could be that your servos are in backward.

Maybe your motors are designed for the below the equator.

It could be that the wires you used are the wrong color.

I could keep going but it may be easier if you:

  • Tell us what microcontroller you are using
  • A sample of the code you are using
  • Maybe a clear picture

At this point, you have said, "It does not work, why?" but you have failed considerably in telling us anything at all that we could use to help you.