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programming picaxe

ok you probably get hundreds of people asking this queastion but i cant program my picaxe 08m2

it says error hardware not found on com1 (com one is the only one it will let me select)

i have tried everything  (apart from reset for i see no way to reset a picaxe 08m2

i am using the axe027 usb cable please help



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You were asking about the download circuit in an earlier post. I am going to assume this is your problem. Double check your work here and be sure the headphone jack is going the right way. I always seemed to get that headphone jack backward when I used to work with picaxe --I could never tell if the manual was showing my the jack upside-down or if they were showing it as if you were looking through it.


was the earth on the headphone jack comes detached 

i removed the plastick cover and soldered it in place works grate now