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Work HERE on giving some of our robots emotions....

I am not sure why I decided to start this topic on thia area of the forum (other than the fact I REALLY enjoy my FEZZ Mini Robot!!!).

Do you want a robot that runs around the floor and its only job is to not collide with things (some robots do more)??? I want MORE than that! A rather simple simulation of emotion would be really cool and freak out your friends and neighbors!!! Its time for some AI !!!

Others, please join us and help this website do almost as much as some small AI laboratories have done.

Here is one thing I am working on. I use distance is divided up as a number for some base emotional "reflexes". Long range  - happy and maybe want to explore. Mid range - content with being but might consider going for long range. Short range - FEAR! I will do what I need to do to get back to Mid range. (Escape mode.)

With this broken up in ranges (I give each a number) I use these to control speed as well as other things. When I say maybe I am meaning the result will be partially based on random numbers. Maybe if it is Long - range I use random results to control if I speed up and get going. (Hopefully, the result will remain in Mid - range.) You can select any other variable that controls something your robot does that would help the robot look like its in the current mood.  (Technical: How do you make a robot shake?)

Your turn! Maybe your ideas include sounds or speach recognition or many other things you can think up.

I have some more ideas on how to add the "look and sound" of emotions but I want your ideas are.. (Please comtribute!)  One idea I had was to keep two copies of your robot software, one emotional and one plain.

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This is an area that is so wide open, there might be 6 robots and most likely all 6 would show emotion in their own way (not wrong) just different.

Odbot has a great puppy and with some more code (maybe more hardware) it could start to become as "natural" (emotion-wise too) as that that Japanese dog they had a while back (can't think of name) it was very expensive, but supposidly worth it.

The problem is (seems to me) it is harder to make something NOT having a animal (or human) look, have any believable emotions. Which would a little girl play with on the floor, a robot that looked like a puppy or one that looked like a box???

Thanks for participating!

This is Kismet


and Leonardo


two of the robots from Cynthia Brezeal at MIT.

I think if you watch the videos you'll see some amazing stuff, but even these guys at the cutting edge are decades away from "emoting."  I'm as fond as anyone of my computer/iPad/any of my robots, but I'm kind of uncomfortable with the idea of having the kind of emotional connection with them that I do with other humans or my dogs.  It is a different kind of connection related to free will and the lack there of, I guess.  I don't think that giving a machine free will with capacity for intention is necessarily a well-thought out goal.  And then there are those huggable seals that the elderly Japanese are so enamored with.  It's a little like Leonard on Big Bang Theory talking about being so desparate for affection that he built a robot to hug him out of a dress maker's maniquen-and then his father borrowed it.  Funny in primetime, but there's an underlying sadness, even for sitcom characters.

That is not to say I'm against this line of research.  There is an important point to be made in "humanizing" robots that David Hanson brings up:if the day ever comes that a Skynet or Arcos comes on line, or the Cylons or Rossum's Universal Robots revolt, the fact that we've taught robots to at least act like they "feel" for us could save our asses in the end.

I think you made some very good points. As I said, I thought we could do some software to "simulate" emoting. There is a LOT of research being done in this area, most of it at the higher education levels but a lot on the outside too.

I also suggested that a switch be included (hardware or software) to turn this emoting off. That may be needed for several reasons.

I am a strong believer we are headed towards a AI "Singularity", but I don't think our little software efforts will have any affect on that at all! I am pretty sure none of our robots will become "self-aware". :-) There is a chance but it is at the same probability of someone teaching a dog to speak the entire human language.

Let'a just have some fun and see what we can do!

I also like emotions on a robot very much. A number of things to add on your robot so it looks more alive instead of being a bumper car. For example see the video of my yellow robot how he falls asleep and get shaked awake again. Another idea I've seen was a robot dog pet that could be stroked to make it happy. his back was touch sensitive. His eyes changes from red to green and he keeps standing still as he liked it to get stroked.

OK, we need more members here like you! Sounds like you have tried a bit already with the yellow robot, sounds neat! We will need a place where we can put code (or at least sudo-code until someone implements it.)

Thank you for participating!

Nobody wants their robot to have emotions???