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Hakko (compatible-affordable) Digital controlled soldering station

Due to recent  intense smd soldring work, my 25watt antex soldering iron was begining to show its limitations......

... so out with the old and in with a new Hakko 907 (compatible) soldering system.

Truth is i found the temperature controller first .... which was a godsend because the current stye of hakko enclosure did not "Grab" me.....

...... Creating my Custom Box is too awsome to even think about :-)

My system consits of :-

  1. Hakko 907 compatible soldering iron - these are cheap to pick up (even amazon sells them)
  2. Hakko 907 / 936 Digital temperature controller
  3. Simple 12V dc adaptor or car battery


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I've also found this brand.  It's to Hakko what CECT is to Apple, except that you can use Hakko pens on the Aoyue controls as well as the other way around.

Where did the controller come from?  Was it an eBay purchase?  There seem to be two options there-one digital and one with a rotary switch. What kind of wattage and current does your power supply have to pump?  (I haven't had a chance to watch the video.) I hate to be a sycophant, but I always think to myself that if I can come close to Gareth's kit, I'm doing good!

Here are the suppliers i used :-

  1. Soldering Station Digital DC Controller for HAKKO 936 Compatible 907 Iron Handle
  2. Hakko compatible Soldering Iron for Hakko907/936 ESD Handle
  3. or Amazon even

Input voltage 10 to 24V capable of 3A - they recommend DC19V 3A laptop-ish type adaptor.

And its rated as a 60Watt-er - my iron is 50W

From my personal point of view ..... i wanted to see my soldering iron talking to me - giving feedback - and this is what gets presented in visual/audio form ..... for me the rotary dial types are........wishy-washy......

Have you noticed a difference between what you get out of this system and the old Antex? For example, faster heat transfer from the iron side of the lead being soldered to the solder side? Anything else? What frequency of use and other factors do you recommend I take into account before investing in a system like this? Would it satisfy my gear lust do you think;-)?

Took me a while to fully test it out......

Yes there is a big difference to my soldering now..... mainly ....soldering different things requires different techniques and heats, it is just so dash cool to tweak up or down the temperature as needed...... biggest problem is if iron is too hot it can cause grey looking dry joints (super iffy/soso joint) ....you can trim it as needed ...... no two solder runs are the same ;-)

Mine is a 50watt which means that its quick to recover its temperature during/after a long string of solder joints. A normal fixed  soldering iron is either full gas or struggling to survive.

I am well pleased..... it took me a while to readjust my soldering skills due to the much shorter length, shorter means more support whilst soldering though.

is a sweet bit of kit, you have there. :)

Yip.... i thought it was worth posting as soldering stations are well overpriced.

At least with this rig i can custom-taylor the look ......hmmmm "MIB" style maybe.