Let's Make Robots!

Dave - "My God, it's full of stars! "

Desktop robots are becoming more and more popular, ie a companion that breaths the midnight "Rosin" solder flux with you.

I present Dave , who is of monolith persuasion.

Very loosely based off the HAL 9000 charater in the 2001 film.

His aim in life is to pulse a comforting multicoloured "Hello" star burst light beam.

He is a carbon based system ...... yes seriously the black tube is carbon fibre and hids some enameled wire down to his capacitor memory bank.

His top end houses a solarcell, plus miller engine, plus RGB led.

I have tuned the RGB leds to give a pulse effect.

Normal operation is ........ solar engine charges the capacitor bank - after a predetermined voltage the miller sends a burst of power (controlled by a secondary capacitor) to the RGB array.  All the leds light (bright) , after 0.5sec blue switches off, after 1 second the green switches off and then the red lingers till the charge is depleted.

Even in cloudy conditions it is pulsing every 3 to 5 seconds.....

With incandescent light (ie the midnight oil type) he is a little more lazy.

Pictures speak more than words..........

Trivia :- Origin of the name "HAL" ....... just increment each charater and surprise-surprise ..

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 I thought that by now every intelligent person knew that H-A-L is derived from Heuristic ALgorithmic

If i was Stanley or IBM then i dont think i would admit to it either 8P.

Also :- The letters IBM are seen just above the computer display in the cockpit of the

Pan am ship while it is docking in the torus station is just another example, as well as the one posted below by MetalMonkey.

an electronic circuit pliss share


What is Dave sitting/standing on?

I believe that's Gareths private little backyard volcano ;-)

Gareth our artist. Pretty nice work and packed in a good story...HAL incremented is *** ok, got it...I wonder if they already did it on purpose when shooting the film?

HAL feels nothing, for it is is calculating machine, the Monolith is So Much More.


by the words " increment each charater" do you mean....OOOH!...the big lads! hmmh, they really do have a lot in common with HAL!

Good looking work, Gareth. So you are an arty too... the HAL must be proud of you.

Is this the circuit you used? 

Yes this is the basic circuit (minus the grayed out of course) , only difference is i used a FET transistor (TRZVN2106)  on the drive stage to give better transfer of power.