Let's Make Robots!

Rocket Brand Studios now carries the Micro Magician


A wonderful package showed up today and inside were the first batch of the new Dagu Micro Magician Arduino board. Put simply, it is awesome.



It is really packed full of goodness, with IR, a sweet motor driver, and even an accelerometer. Just a great board for small bots.


More info here

Get it here


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I dunno if I would want to let customers solder headers and pins so close to all that smd stuff. Seems like you would be setting yourself up for a lot of, "I screwed it up, how do I fix it" emails.

On a side note: I have to say it is kinda cool to be the sole distributor in the whole universe for this board. I feel like a tiny-tiny big shot. I suppose I should enjoy it while it lasts.  :)

It seems that person was refering to the solder quality of their sample because the headers were hand soldered and the sales rep who sent out the sample did not wait for the assemblers to clean the soldering flux from the board.

Unfortunately I live with miscommunication every day as I don't speak the local language :(

I wasn't serious about letting the customers solder the headers although I am considering the different coloured headers. I like red and black as a colour combination but perhaps there is too much black on this board?

You might be the sole distributor in America right now, but not for long, bask in the glory while you can :D

I would like to suggest to use color coded headers if you can. Use Black for GND, Red for Power, Yellow or White for signal. This way even a newb can see they don't plug the cables correctly... I would love to use this system for my boards, but now I have other priorities, perhaps in the future.

Oh, and I really love the board! Congrats Chris for being the first distributor in the States!

I hate apple software!
Nice idea, I'm not sure how practical it is for the quantities we are producing now. The board has reverse polarity protection for the power so there is some protection for beginners.

I think this is quite simple. This person needs to buy themselves a much crappier board!

Maybe they need the Paris Hilton board --Doesn't do a damn thing, but looks good not doin' it.

In the words of 311, "F' the naysayers 'cus they don't mean a thing --'cus this is the style we bring"

Lol @ Oddbot, I didn't know pcb design was a beauty contest. Print some sexy Asian ladies on the back of the board :D

Like most things robotic, form follows function. Asthetics is a secondary consideration. Admittedly Seeed Studio use some nice yellow header pins. Maybe I need some red header pins to camoflage them a bit?

I had one person tell me the board was "Ugly" and too crowded.

I pointed out that if I made it more "asthetically pleasing" then it would defeat the purpose of making a controller for small robots.

Perhaps we should sell it without the headers soldered in? Let the customer only solder in the headers they want?



Yes and you are one of the first to sell them. Keep an eye out for a review by Calculon.

Nice Video Chris. I'm glad to see your having so much fun with the MicroM.