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      First, sorry for my english.

      I'm new to Robotics. I got my interesting in robotics hobbies after my cousin gave me a book titled "Beginning Arduino".

      After playing with blinking LEDs and several sensors for several month, then I try to make a simple robot that controlled wirelessly by remote control using Xbee.

      I chose the 6WD Wild Thumper 75:1 as the chassis. For the first, I want to use sizes C NiMH battery pack as it was recommended battery for that as the power source, but I can't find it here in my city, so I try to use 6 sizes C NiMH battery using battery holder but I found battery holder became useless if we have to prepare several ampere for the wild thumper geared motors.

      Finally I found that 6V4AH sealed acid battery working just fine for it, I use two in parallel so I got 6V8A. The cover plate need to be higher so I add more 1 cm spacers and the batteries now fit inside the chassis.











      I am using arduino compatible and 3 mosfet in parallel as a high power switch, it can handle the current without any heat sink, and for the motor driver I use two "pololu high-power motor driver". For the next I will add several sensors.

      As a beginner, writing the code was really challenge. I found good explanation here and here in the book. Serial communication need fast enough so we can drive the wild thumper smoothly and the Xbee module's configured at 57600 baut for that.



Finally, I got my robotics time.

The Explorer-Bot now with Pan System.


I made multi-purpose pan mechanical system using 3mm thick aluminum heatsink and servo brackets.









Here is the result.



With multi-purpose servo brackets.



I re-arrange every thing and fits it's together under the deck so it's not look too messy anymore.

I still use my home made arduino compatible for now.



This tutorial really help me to solve my problems while I wrote the code, Thanks RobotFreak.


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I have the same chassis that you have but I have the wild thumper robot controller.  That is as far as I have gotten, but I want to do the same thing that you are doing.  I plan to use 2 Tenergy Propel 7.2 v 4200mAh (40A Drain Rate) NiMH battery packs, http://www.amazon.com/Tenergy-Propel-4200mAh-Battery-Connector/dp/B0026A0MXM/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=2QWXOG8LG78QU&coliid=I4KAHVWSH100G.  These batteries fit perfectly in the Wild Thumper chassis.

I would like to get more information about the software, joystick interface etc if you are willing to share.  My final goal is to put a video camera on mine as well.  I am looking for a camera that is not 2.4 GHZ because I believe that is the Xbee frequency.

@David  I think as our motor driver are different, you can't implement my arduino code on your project, but as you use the wild thumper robot controller, you just have to make the interface of the game controller with an Arduino Microcontroller.

 Hi David.. Thank You..

 I think the Wild Thumper is really great chassis, I am very happy with that chassis, the wild thumper robot controller is good choice for that chassis to avoid meet some headache and messy wiring.

 I would be glad to help you to build the same robot and share the arduino code here in LMR. I have read your letter, I am not a
programmer too, but I like robotics. There's arduino library here to interface the game controller with an Arduino Microcontroller with wiring explanations. The display on the game controller is for displaying data reading from the sensor (I plan to add some sensors) and for debugging the code.

 My arduino code still a bit messy and commented in Indonesian, I'll try to clean the code as soon as I have time for it.

What did you use for the remote? Thanks :)

I'm using a modified PS2 controller with XBee as a multi-purpose robot controller. XBee used as it can handling two-way communication.

How long do the batteries last?

We need some offroad driving footage :D

The batteries life are depending on what terrain we use. If I use the Wild Thumper on the street (flat surface), the batteries will life longer then if I use it on dirt or rocks. Normally on the street (flat surface) the wild thumper will draw 6-7 ampere current, but it will draw twice or more on dirt!

Those 6-7 amps are for all the motors combined right?

Mine draws a good 7-8 amps per motor on uncut grass!

You could not draw 7-8 amps per motor because the stall current per motor is only 5.5A.

Mine aren't, I have measured over 10A(blew a 10A fuse)