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RC Arduino Robot


I have finished a small RC Robot, initial details are here - http://rcarduino.blogspot.com/2012/05/rc-arduino-robot.html

I will add the code tomorrow or over the weekend.

The project builds on my series of posts on interfacing with RC Equipment, this time reading and RC Transmitter and transforming the signals to drive a tracked vehicle in one of three different modes through the popular L293DNE driver IC.

Duane B


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Hi, The receiver in the car is able to send data back to the transmitter, its primarly for telemetery - i.e. engine temperature, rpm, speed so not terribly useful in a robot, the only thing that might be is battery level.

My site is primarly about Arduino and RC Equipment, the robot is really just a very quick demonstration of some of the code elsewhere on my site-



Another demonstration would be my 'child mode project' where I have used an Arduino to put a remotley enabled/disabled child mode into my RC Cars so that my kids can also use them.



At some point I will add an autonomous mode to the robot using the same remote enabling/disabling idea.

Duane B