Let's Make Robots!

Inspiration for Gareth and others...

As soon as I saw this video, I thought of Gareth, how he would add colors and make cool things out of it.

But then another thought came to mind, what if we could make a machine (like an expresso caffee machine) that used the proper ingredients to make plastic filament for a 3D printer? Now THAT would be cool!


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Funny watching this ....... we use a corn starch for thickening cooking sauses "mazenta" and if you put too much in , indeed the bottom of the pan is coated with exactly this stuff..... (Food for thought)

try this


As for the content, pretty kewl. I am curious how he went about making the colors. I wonder if the 'cloudiness' was due to air bubbles in the mixture.

One problem making filament would be that it has to be extruded while it's not dry or melted and extruded after it dryes.

But I think it might be a lot more interesting to use it in molds, just like with resin. I think I have to try this some time :)

Sorry, I could not add this as a video, it kept giving me a message saying I used an invalid file or embeded code, though I used this method in the past and it worked perfectly...

Video Flix.....Could be, some (most) videos posted to LMR need to old style embed code (there is a tick the box thingy on youtube). hope this helps.