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Connecting buzzers to picaxe


I have recently built a Robot highly inspired from the start here bot.

I want to connect a buzzer to it....


Q1. Can buzzers produce different sounds just like speakers???

Q2. How to connect a buzzer to Picaxe 18-Pin Project Board???


I would be thankfull for any help...

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This is me teaching you to farm, if it is truly a buzzer you have. Otherwise, a piezo element is straight forward. One pin to a PICAXE digital pin and the other to ground. It doesn't matter which one you hook where.

Now I am able to understande 'something'

I wish it was being taught to us in the school...

The Transistor is an NPN version and its part number is listed next to it. If you can't find that part number, you will need to do a crossreference search. The resistor is a 1K ohm resistor and a 1/4W version will be safe. The diode is likely just a standard diode. I don't dare even try to give you standard numbers (I might be wrong :) ). I would suggest you do a search for schematic diagram tutorials. It will teach you more than I ever could.

Thanks Mr.Birdmum


 page 10 for buzzer

page 11 for Piezo

No, a buzzer buzzes --that's it.

The picaxe manual shows specifically, the connections and parts needed for a buzzer.