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where can i find these vex pieces?

okay, I have been scouring google trying to find the parts for the vex rcr mini walker crab thing, which should be displayed.

all the results I have found have been things like press announcements and demo robots built witgh this stuff, and none of it recent.

I personally want to build that walker, obviously with some extra personal touches added on, but I just cannot find the parts. every place seems to indicate that they were released, so did I just miss a limited run component or something?



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The walking mechanisim is modeled after a Jansen walker, or Strandbeest.  You can find many examples of them on the internet, as well as detailed instructions.  In fact, there is at least one on LMR.  I'm guessing that the design might be paralled, since a typical strandbeest can't turn.

As for the parts--I could be wrong, but I've never seen Vex parts without square holes.  There is a comment on the YouTube page that claims the parts are a combination of Vex and custom parts.  You could probably make strandbeest legs out of typical Vex components--probably cut to size, and then fastened together to create the legs and pivot points.