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Soldering smoke spreader

It spreads soldering smoke, so you don't have to breath it.


This is a project I made to help me with soldering. Because breathing smoke is not nice.

This is the mechanism to set the direction. It can just be set up or down. 

this is the circuit. It's very very simple. I only need 1 AA battery because it's designed to spread away the smoke. It doesn't need much power or speed.

this is the screw mechanism. 


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After 10 years of soldering under a microscope, I think anything bad would have already struck. Nowadays, I only solder when I can't  breadboard it.

I spent many years soldering in the service. I'm rather partial to the smell of burning flux :-)

yeah, i'm kinda not interested by the smell , but the smoke is really dangerous if inhaled, worst case scenario being paralysis and death:pokerface:

Simple and effective.

I use an old processor fan powered by a 9V wall wart.

You could make a frame and put a cloth over it for the air to pass through. -maybe even wet the cloth while using the fan. It would act like a filter, at least to small degree.

 If you could find some thin porous foam sheet, that would work too.