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Outdoor RC car

I always wanted to make this thing :D :D

It's not big thing, just that I didn't find anywhere an rc car that can pass big obstacles, but in the same time to have speed, so I made one myself.

There are 2 gear boxes, each one for 2 independent motors. I made the wood frame when I was at my grandparents, in a holiday. Unfortunately, I don't have photos of the different components, just the car as one, so it'll be difficult to see some things. 

I took the wheels from an rc car. These are the biggest wheels I could find (5/10 cm) The battery holder is from another rc car and the radio receiver from the same car like the battery holder. As you can see I used a lot of hot glue, althought it is not so resistant, I couldn't make holes for screws, just the gearboxes are screwed.

My first thought was to make all to get in the space between the wheels, but I realized that the frame is too big. So the battery holder doesn't fit and, if the car falls over, it stucks :( 

The car direction functions on the tank principle, so the radio command is a little tricky. I took it from an old rc car I have hacked.

UPDATE 1: I put another battery holder of 2 batteries, the car couldn't climb a rock, now it can.

Update 2:

As to Chow's suggestion, who I thank again to, I made this radio command, using the old one and 4 push buttons. 

This is it, uncovered:

This are the buttons:

Each button controls the direction of one side of the car.

This is the finished radio command, back view:

More details in the video.




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The remote control is very easy to hack. it seems as thought it is using a common Realtek rx/tx 2 chipset, or a clone of it, if that is the case, here is the data sheet, you can have 5 different functions for your robot, 4 are for the movement, 1 can be an auxilary function.

just get 4/5 buttons and hack the remote into your own remote for easier use.

The LMR society always wants more descriptions and a video would be nice :) 

Nice work, -Chow


Thank you for your information, I'll try to hack it this saturday. Just found somewhere between forgotten things some old rc cars, 3 or 4. I will also hack one for my four legged robot, which I didn't finish. So thanks again :D

Petrusian you are just like me I also wanted to make this type of a R/C car ever scince I was a kid! :) Cool! I like it!

Thank you! :D