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LMR community on skype...

I make another off topic forum to ask you this-

Does anyone know if there is an LMR Community Group on skype?

If yes then please tell me about it.

If no, then I want to start one but want permission to do so. The main action remains here in LMR and on the shout box but we can go a step further and increase our limits. Skype can be a way to know others both face to face or through voice and text.

If there isn't a group on Skype, can you guys post your views here on this topic?

Also, if you want, you can leave your skype user id here for others to find you. My skype user id is vishurockssrivastava (for anyone who wants to add me).

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robotmaster18 join me.


give us yer skype usernames and we will add you to the robolution!

just comment yer usernames and we will add you to the group, cheers!

Please add anyone to the group whom you feel like adding. If you know other members from LMR and they are willing to join, don't think twice, just add them to the group.





vishurockssrivastava, I think it's a great idea! Let us know if we can support you :)

I just updated "Quick links" (bottom right box) with all the other "externals" that I am aware of :) Let me know when I can throw in a Skype, or what you create :)