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DRAGON-the very old rescue robot

line follower,live cam,using as a rescuebot
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guys,let me introduce this old robot i made long time ago!

DRAGON! a simple line follower robot which supposed to find the dolls through the path and take some videos by a wireless cam and save it in comp so i consider its sorta rescuebot!lol

the best thing i enjoy is giving a good look to my robots.each of them have their own characte and name.



since it was a rescuebot i the choosed tank system in front.and the cam should be able to take a close look so i added an arm (neck) to make it move.

at first day,it was like this:



and then i tried so hard to make the best weight division (wich i failed) and bla bla...

the dc gear-motors i used were so weak and i dont even want to remember them again!!!

at the next step it turned into this(it looks like army robots!hahah):



i had a hard time making the IR distance measuring sensor work!!and to make it worse,the processor was AT89C51!!!(seriously old stuff were sucha pain).though it worked afterall phew...

final look!!it became dragon:





i dont have the source anymore since it was for ages ago.and the circuit schematic doesnt worth to be redraw!lol

i put this here just to share the idea!=)

more info?ask!

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i like the sloped track at the fount, and the arm / camera mount . it's a good prototype.:) 

its only good in the pics.u know it was ridiculous when i saw it working XD

It looks pretty interesting.

more likely a toy though :)