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Camera for vision

I wanted to ask if we can use a digicam with OpenCV to give our robots vision. I have a Canon Power Shot A-470 7 MP digital camara and a few others which record images the old photo film way. Can any of these be used with OpenCV to give my robot perception of objects and colors? I don't want to open my digicam and explore inside though as I want to use it for other purposes as well. If not, then can a cheap unbranded webcam be used for this purpose? Please reply...

Looks like this---

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...hack but my camera doesn't support the onscreen feature that the hack uses.

No it can't be used as a webcam... :(

grab a cheap usb camera and you should be good to go

Hi. That's one of the problems I face here. I just can't grab a new camera. I have to use existing resources as monetary support is non existent here. Whatever I end up buying, I'll have spent all the money that I own on it. As I'm 18, I don't have a job and I don't get monthly allowances either (the, money that I have has been given to me by relatives and the interest from the bank that I've earned). That's why I have to do some research before I but anything. If you have some source from where I can but a cheap camera under $5 with free shipping to India, I'll be the most happy person to buy it.

Don`t let age stop you, I had a part time job cutting up potato chips when I was 14.

I think dealextreme have free shipping to everywhere and there are many cameras for about $5.

Yeah, a quick search on dealextreme showed a 300k pixel webcam for $4.66 including shipping: