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tiny line follower (8 sensors)

its a line follower
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some say "linefollower" robots r the best choice for learning the robotic.actually my first robot was an analog line follower too!

last year i made this one just for fun.the idea was making a brand new sensors plate.

so i didnt use any board for ir sensors and just hid them between two plates and drilled one side to insert the sensors and LEDs.

for more noise-reduction the plate is too close to the surface.by this technique the FC lamps/bulb lamps/sun light wont bother much!

it should have a 3rd weel but i refused and just used a 5mm led and let it drag along the path since it was light weighted.



no no!!that chipset is just ornamental!dont be fooled ;)

at the buttom u might notice that its a cell phone cover!lol

for supply i packed 6x AAA cells and mounted it on the empty space at front which made it ugly so i removed it.

a buzzer added to make sound at specific situations and a button for PLAY/STOP

8 x leds show the states of sensors


micro: ATMEGA8

sensors: 8X IR

motors: 2x mini motor gear


motor driver: L293

buffer(for sensors): 74245


more info later

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I like that...and yes, first I did think "what the hell he is doing with that VIA chipset?" Well done, the robot and the eye catcher ;-)))