Let's Make Robots!

Campus Party Berlin 2012 LMR division

This is fantastic, and NOT a (bad) joke, and it's not spam - free as in free beer. It is an amazing chance brought to you because you are LMR: (Ask Dutchbot, rik, fritsl, Anton, Tinhead.. any of the guys who went last time if it was not the coolest thing EVER (and this time it is 4 times as big))

If you are an LMR member, and in Europe on 21st -> 26th of August 2012, this can be all free for you - yep, paid for, just sign up, tell us what you are planning to bring and have fun:

  • Campus Party will set up a tent (possibly indoor) for you. (Bring sleeping bag, details to come)
  • LMR is working together with Campus Party in order to arrange special LMR Nights at the event!
  • Meet friends, bring robots, heck bring soldering iron, make a robot on the spot!
  • Hear famous people and speakers
  • See more tech and future stuff than you have ever seen before

Stay tuned at http://www.campus-party.eu/2012/index.html and do not hesitate to contact our friend, Angel (angel.hernandez@campus-party.org or @mifulapirus) the Robotics Advisor at Campus Party if you have any questions about the event.

It'll be a memory for life, if it's just half as cool as last time!!

This is what we have arranged, this is how you sign up:

1) Officially sign up to this contest: http://www.campus-party.eu/2012/invitations-program.html (You just have to do the tweet, that makes you participate in the official contest, you do not need to sign up on the page. For geo-setup of Twitter, this might help you, read carefully it's all there ;)  http://support.twitter.com/articles/122236#) - Here is Frits's tweet, as an example:

2) Just after entering the contest, submit this form ;)

We will get back to you ;)


Q's & A's;

  • Should you be European citizen to participate? Please read carefully what is written above - it is not a random wording. (Your passport will not be checked ;) 
  • What if you already talked to us, wrote Fritsl a mail about this? Then you should still sign up as written above!

Click on the sign below for more info on the event itself :) The deal is; The people arranging that need many nerds, and we are the largest bunch, so we help each other out this way - they make an LMR event out of it ;)

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I did not receive any confirmation as well... my tweet:


and Berlin for location.



Hey guys

Can somebody confirm me that I submitted correctly on the LMR Campus Party form?. Already twitted (with tech problems, my tweets does not appear when I include a link) and Did not receive any confirmation from CP nor LMR...


Can't wait to go with my robots!

Hey Taikson, 

what is your twitter username you are sending the tweets from and where are you located so I can find you on the map? Once you submit your tweet you should get an automated response telling you your tweet has been properly recieved. Make sure you're using both the #I4DA hashtag and the subcategory hashtag and you have the geolocation option on. When in doubt, it's always a good idea to tweet from your mobile device (the geolocation is much more reliable). 


Hope this helps!


My Twitter nick is @TaiksonTexas and my tweet is geolocated at Zaragoza, Spain. (That's right)

It's a little weird, because a friend just received the automated response for his tweet, as you are talking about, but not in my case

For example, one of my tweets is:
Lateral Thinking and Hacking: The right of use your things for something else that were designed for

It appears on both hastags searchs but no response received O_o 


(Weird x2: If I add a link on the tweet, it its only visible for me (Not in the hastag search). Just sent a query to Twetter Tech support, but no response received...)

Weird x3: My mobile phone is prehistoric ^^

Weird x4: Maybe I could disable geolocation and post as many people: "city=XXXX" at the end of the tweet?

Thanks a lot DG!



The geolocation isn't marking properly on Twitter's end. I'm sending your tweets to our 'mapmaster' to add them manually! When this happens I suggest sending the tweet from a mobile device instead if possible 

Tweeted from a device mobile with geolocation. Just to ensure that tweet has been sent. I don't see it on the #I4DA wall, maybe because I have included @campuspartyeu...



Hi all, 

I wanted to clear up some information about the bus transportation that I think may not have been passed on correctly in the first place (though I see the text above has been changed to relfect this). 

While we are offering all LMR community members a free ticket, we cannot guarantee bus transportation as we are not the ones organizing the buses. TheBigThink is a competition, and in order to "win a ride" your Twitter-submitted idea must be selected by one of our partner universities (see map of schools here: http://ximosoft.com/campusparty/) as they are organizing the bus travel. So keep your ideas coming! We have four more days in the competition, and you may submit as many as you like. See here for the full instructions: http://www.campus-party.eu/2012/invitations-program.html

We will do everything in our power to see if we can get you a ride on the buses closest to you, but we cannot be certain that there will be room on the university-run buses, so please keep this in mind as you plan your trip! 

Hope to see you all in Berlin this August!

Hi Deniz,

my first twitter post seems get lost, so I twittert another one yesterday. I don't get a response mail but my twitter post appears with some delay on the I4DA map. So this should be ok. Some questions:

What is the meaning of the uiniversity name listed together with the twitter posts? Is this the nearest location where the shuttle bus starts? BTW, I dont need a bus, because I live in Berlin.

If someones twitter post didn't appear on the map, should he twitter a new one? I am missing twitter posts from some of my friends at roboternetz.de and letsmakerobots.com

Greatings Peter

Last time we where getting free plane tickets to the event. 100%, just had to get to an airport.

This time I was initially told (apparently by some mistake somewhere) that we would be driven in free busses, local pick up, perhaps only in a town nearby.

I am very sorry for those who trusted me on this, and I hope you understand that this is the background; Last time I was suspecious - it sounded too good to be true, but it was better, much better than expected. And everyone proved trustworthy, 100%.

I am quite sure that the event itself will be amazing this time, I am sorry for those who might feel that I have passed on something which turned out to not be true, if it turns out that there is no free bus for you. And I am looking forward to any official information, and I will still trust what we hear.

I think this is based on unfortunate misunderstandings, I hope all and everybody are cool and everything will sort itself out.

hey fritsl, i hope you can help me. me and 4 others signed up and did the tweet and everyting, but none of us got any confirmation.

and on this link, http://ximosoft.com/campusparty/ if you look at kolding, there is only one tweet, from helene simonsen, when there should be 4 :/

i really hope i have done things right/ have time to correct, because i really wanna go, so help me if you can :)