Let's Make Robots!

We don't need nations, we need thinkers.

We don't need nations, we need thinkers. While I love my country, it occurs to me that I love being a part of this community more. I am not, in my mind, an American when I take part in LMR-I am a citizen of the world of Geeks: Nerdistan, if you like. (Luckily for me the language of Nerdistan seems to be English.)

When I take part in LMR activities, I forget the embarrassing things my country has done, as well as the great gifts we have given the world-it is as if the entire history of human foolishness disappears and all that is left is earnest minds cooperating to understand and create. Whether it is an Ohio engineer creating a custom schematic for someone else's pet project, or perhaps someone who knows the intricacies of Guandong manufacturing encouraging others to come visit, or maybe when a Mass. web shop owner sends a kid in Brooklyn $150 worth of goodies and then spends a week teaching him how to use them in 140 character bursts, or now the trans-Europa maker party invite- LMR is the kind of institution that the human race requires if we are to survive much into the future. The fact that people on every continent are sharing this way is the most surprising and welcome source of hope I've ever encountered-and the thing that unites us? Robots? Really? I think it has to be more than that, but I don't care if it is or isn't. I simply am glad to be a part of it.

Thank you, LMR.

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Robotics is the common ground where we happen to gather. I also feel lucky to have such a place to come to where I can embrace my robo-geek with others. Not that robotics is or isn't The Number 42 but it provides us a rich common ground that allows us to easily transcend many differences. Common ground is a good thing to find wherever you can. It empowers us through our similarities while robbing it from the harlequin of our trivial differences.

Thinkers not nations.

I genuflect in your direction, Maxhirez.

Just like in a circuit, sharing a "common ground" means that every person/part can understand each other =)

Welcome to Nerdistan, comrade. Your papers please.

Only geeks permitted beyond this point.

If you do not have proper papers   (like data sheets and schematics, of course),  Then a video screen will do. <grins>

Your ID may also be confirmed by showing us a microcontroller or even a servo.

Hmmm, ——or just a drawing of anything TECH-Y.


So far it's the best community I know. I am member since more than a year and could refresh my electronics knowledge in this time with help of many other LMRians. There are still blanks but when finding them first thing is that I am checking this website for answers. Haha, so I am a citizen of Nerdistan too ;-)

Together we push evolution.

But besides getting better at the building robots and other stuff, we also learn not to be jerks. Somehow we have formed our community in a way that encourages us to be nice to each other. Thats not pushing strictly pushing the evolution by it self but more a necessity for the process.

That could be a second ALABTU!

I think the phonetics of ALABTU works better than TWPE, at least where I'm from. Maybe it will work in Hungarian, they are said to have some "interesting" phonetics in their language.

Any Hungarian LMR'ians around to prove me wrong here?

ALABTU is nerdy, pointing inwards - "our secret handshake" ;)

TWPE is a message of who we are to the world outside, and what to expect from us - our "official mission statement".

I know, because I came up with the shit :D


What can I say? I did, so I know I am right ;)

Together We Apply Talent Skillfully.

Oh... Wait...