Let's Make Robots!

We don't need nations, we need thinkers.

We don't need nations, we need thinkers. While I love my country, it occurs to me that I love being a part of this community more. I am not, in my mind, an American when I take part in LMR-I am a citizen of the world of Geeks: Nerdistan, if you like. (Luckily for me the language of Nerdistan seems to be English.)

When I take part in LMR activities, I forget the embarrassing things my country has done, as well as the great gifts we have given the world-it is as if the entire history of human foolishness disappears and all that is left is earnest minds cooperating to understand and create. Whether it is an Ohio engineer creating a custom schematic for someone else's pet project, or perhaps someone who knows the intricacies of Guandong manufacturing encouraging others to come visit, or maybe when a Mass. web shop owner sends a kid in Brooklyn $150 worth of goodies and then spends a week teaching him how to use them in 140 character bursts, or now the trans-Europa maker party invite- LMR is the kind of institution that the human race requires if we are to survive much into the future. The fact that people on every continent are sharing this way is the most surprising and welcome source of hope I've ever encountered-and the thing that unites us? Robots? Really? I think it has to be more than that, but I don't care if it is or isn't. I simply am glad to be a part of it.

Thank you, LMR.

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I have been around here for less than a year now, so in some ways I still feel new. Whats amazing is that we are so different. All ages, from all around the world, some of have political opinions, others have religious mindsets, others again are rich (at least compared to others again). Some are highly educated in our field (or something else) others are dropouts or still in primary school. We even got a handful girls on board, that pretty good for a nerdish site!

And still we stick together, keeping a highly friendly and helpful attitude to each other. Basically we say one of these four things when we stay on topic:

  1. Look what I have made (even blue smoke count positive)
  2. Wow, thats awesome what you made there!
  3. How do I do this or that?
  4. You could try to do this, maybe it will help you.

Quite often we jump directly from 1 to 4.

Then we have our not-so-robotish chats in the shoutbox. We discuss everything we like and we could eventually disagree very much. But the first one to say "by the way, how should I wire the enable pins on my H-bridge" usually have won the off-topic quarrel.

LMR is the single most friendly online community I have ever heard of. We all promised Frits' welcome screening system to be very talented, and it seems to be something we live by ever after! (we did not promise the system to not be jerks but maybe there are not that many very talented jerks out there)


Well said.


Totally agree with you!! (and sorry if during my shouts I talk a bit too much about my country). From now on, I have just one citizenship here- citizen of nerdistan :)

But I wouldn't say you talk too much about your country.  In fact it might be part of what I like about this "place"-it's a reminder that we are from a wide variety of geographical locations.  I like finding myself thinking about "...my friend in Northern India..." or "...my friend in Shanghai..." even though I've never been within a thousand miles of either you or Lumi (or Oddbot.)  My point was that imagined boundaries don't divide us any fraction as much as the thoughts unite us.  I'm always interested in what's going on in everyone else's neck of the woods!

Well, this happens to me too, talking about my friends at LMR when talking about something robot or electronic related things. I hope to meet many of you in the real world too :-)

Hey, i am also an Indian!

And I love this community...


You are truely right buddy, we need minds, not nations...

.. I recently read: Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow  

heil Nerdistan :D


I like the country Nerdistan (Einstein said,  " If my theory of relativity is proven successful, Germany will claim me as a German and France will declare that I am a citizen of the world. Should my theory prove untrue, France will say that I am a German and Germany will declare that I am a Jew")... And I like your thoughts as well. I am a citizen of the world resp. Neristan.