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INU 2.0 Quadraped dog

navigates in any direction , balanced walk, objects tracing, tracks and follows objects in its surroundings, various sitting and resting positions, shakehand, wall following
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INU 2.0 is a servo actuated quadraped dog robot ,that takes input from a  SHARP sensor and a TSOP sensor.It is controlled by  arduino duemilanove atmega328.

My aim was to build a dog robot, that is capable of walking with a balanced motion in all directions forward, backward, horizontally sidewards ,turns with various radii,rotate on the spot, perform tasks like detecting the presence of objects around it and approaching towards them , wall following , sitting in different styles , shakehands , jumping etc..


The body is made up of 3mm thick acrylic material ,parts were designed in CAD  and cut on CNC machine.

 9 servo motors were used, 8 motors for leg movements and 1 motor for the head movement , with a SHARP sensor sitting on the head servo.The code enables INU to simultaneously move the head in search of objects and read values from the SHARP sensor to find the distance and position of object and respond quickly with movement in the correct direction to finally reach the object.

A bit of math is used in the code to convert the SHARP sensor's output voltage values to a leniar distance output with a precision of 2-3cm, when the sensor detects an object , the head servo returns the angle at which it has noticed the object , so the code decides how many steps are to be taken , the number of turns , what type of turns are  to be taken to reach the object correctly and accurately




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sure..  i wil upload the video , but right now my internet speed is very slow , so i didnt.


Typically, folks like to add a description of the robot they have built.

my new account sir , 

i will add the description as soon as possible,.