Let's Make Robots!

"Where's Wall-E?" I haven't found him yet

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hmm....yes, that picture looks awesome! i would love to have a poster of that, hmmm....C3P0 and Hel....who's Hel? i think that's Maria from Metropolis.

It's unclear whether the robot had a name as a robot in Metropolis. "Hel" was the name it had on the platform but that might have been because it was a tribute to the woman Rottwang loved and Joh married. "Maria" was the prophetess of the under city that the robot replaced. Rottwang just refers to it as a maschinermensch, but you can tell he means "sex toy." Usually it seems Hel is what you call her without skin and False Maria is what she is as a skin job.
Bender has his arm around eve. The batteries not included robot is there. And Did i see the kid robot from space giants? Both black hole robots :D

Highlight the text below if you want me to give away his location:


Between the original Cylon and JJ Abram's "Bad Robot." He might be humping K-9...